Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our new home

I think we finally  may have our internet worked out.  Thank goodness.  I feel connected again to everyone!!  I miss reading everyone's blogs!!

I thought I'd share our new home.  I forgot to take pictures of the outside and should have done so tonight.  It was actually nice and cool here and Kevin pulled the door open on the toy hauler area.  It makes a nice patio for the kids to play on.

First, I thought I'd share a photo of me and the girls with BooBoo.  We had a fantastic time at the Jellystone Campground.  I'll share more photos later this week.

Our new bedroom.  I'm looking for fabric to make a quilt because I hate the ugly black thing.

Our dresser

Tylar getting into my makeup in the bathroom.  We found that she'd flushed some of it down the toilet when we dumped and it got stuck in the hose.

The kitchen area.  Not very big, but we do have a huge fridge which is a bonus!!  TL's bunk is up on top, the couch is to the right, and the door leads to the girls' room.

TL's enjoying some tv.  The door leads up to our bedroom.

The girls room.  Each is a queen size bunk.  The bottom bunk makes into a table with a U-shaped couch around it.

The girls' half bath.  Love the horse theme?

They were thrilled that they had a tv back there.  We generally don't do tv's in bedrooms, but this is the only extra tv we have and daddy gets to watch football all weekend and the girls get to watch what they want.
Well, hope you enjoyed our little field trip.  I miss all my extra school bunks but find it really nice to be able to clean up in a little while.  I still have some things to organize and do a little decorating.  I'm not a big fan of black, but for a fifth wheel its nice because its easier to clean up.

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Beautiful! I know you're enjoying all the new space. Blessings!

  2. Wow! It's much bigger than I would have thought! It must have been very hard to choose what to pack though. I'm glad to hear that you're finally settled - with internet! :)

  3. Hi Michelle! Welcome back! I missed your posts. Your new home looks very nice. Do you ever wonder who does the decorating in the RVs? It's a good thing we know how to sew.
    That must have been fun to unstick the hose. Yuk!

  4. It looks great!! I can see how you can really live in it.
    My 2 yr old got into and destroyed my makeup last week, but thankfully no toilet was involved. It has given me an excuse to try some new colors ;)

    Hope you feel truly settled in soon and connect with some friends there.


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