Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it snow!

I know its been a while.  Between wreath making for the Boy Scouts, being hit with a really bad cold, and a nine page paper due, I've been neglecting my blog.  Sorry.

Monday of Thanksgiving week, it started snowing.  At about 9am.  This abruptly finished out school day.  Even though we live in Western WA, we live on an island in between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges.  It rarely ever snows here. 

At about ten, I realized that it was going to make the roads really slick.  I know how to drive on slick roads-I'm from Buffalo!!  However, there are many people who don't and I wasn't going to put my life into their hands.

So, I ran off the the commissary and picked up a few groceries we needed and over to the exchange to discover they did not have any snow gloves.  I couldn't find the big girls-I actually think they're in the camper. 

My husband's work sent everyone home that afternoon.  The schools decided to wait until the roads were nice and slick to put the kids on the buses.  At this point, there had dozens of accidents and road closures.  The island has lots of steep hills and without any way to treat the roads, they were sheets of ice. 

We got two inches.  Just barely enough to cover the grass.

Daddy was off of work on Tuesday.  They closed the public school Tuesday and Wednesday.

It makes me laugh.  Back home, we never had school closures for snow.  It was extremely rare!

Here's some photos.  Our road is a small hill and it was slick with ice, so daddy helped the girls sled down it.

The view of the backyard

The front of the house.  Don't ya love the telephone and cable boxes there?

The girls after their snow run

Daddy getting the girls started
Off they go!!  That's the Pugent Sound at the end of the street!

Little Miss Trouble liked the snow, but preferred to only stay out for ten minutes, then come in and get undressed, then go back out for ten see the pattern here


  1. I am glad you got some snow! We are getting a little bit here today. I am trying to start a new blog over here at blogger. Homeschoolblogger is getting so hard. In fact, they have been down for two days now. I think I picked the same template as you. Now I need to figure out how to drop a picture into to the header. What a time to start a new blog.

  2. It is so gorgeous there!
    How fun to play in the snow. We don't get it every year, so when the flakes start to fall our school gets cancelled, too.
    There are certainly advantages to living on a hill!

    Hope your finals go well. I can't imagine trying to do all is enough for me to keep up with schooling four here.


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