Friday, December 17, 2010

I've won an award!!

First one ever and I have no idea why.  I am certainly not stylish!!  I dress in jeans and tshirts and sneakers that are ripped and two years old.  My hair is usually in a pony tail.  I don't change purses to match my outfit or my shoes.  I never wear jewelry-well, maybe I will when the baby turns three. 

So, in honor of my award, I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about me:

1.  I've lived in Japan.  Loved it, it was wonderful.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

2.  I quilt.  Lots of people call it the old lady hobby, but many do it.  I spend only a little time on it because of school and homeschooling, but I love to quilt, it relaxes me.

3.  I love to do genealogy research.  I've come across many interesting facts about my family. I've almost traced some lines to the American Revolution and before!

4.  I love to go to the movies.  I haven't been in over a year, since we left Japan.  In Japan we went every week, it was very affordable $2 for me and $1 for the kids.  Of course, most of the movies I've seen are kiddos movies but still-I love the movies.

5.  I would love to travel to Scotland and visit family there-once I track them down that is.

6.  I love to go my camper.  Sorry, but I need a bed and a shower.  I'm a cranky lady without them.

7.  I would love to travel in my camper and with my hubby and kids across the US.  I would love to see the country.  I've traveled across the country, but missed many states, and have missed stopping at many interesting places.  I mean really, you have to stop at the Corn Palace, right?


  1. I don't think I knew you lived in Japan! Cool!

    I'm a wannabe quilter. I have books on quilting and even some quilting supplies. Just haven't found the time yet.

  2. I think you have wonderful hobbies! I don't think that I could ever quilt, but I really love the idea of of it. I used to crochet sometimes, and I thought that it was very relaxing too.

    I think that Japan would be such a neat place to live! And I can't believe at how affordable the movies are! They are way overpriced here.

    I really wish that we had a camper for our cross-country travels. There's just something about having your own bathroom and bed! We are moving to El Paso in June and we've already decided that we're making another major road trip to Maine on the way. Yes, I know that Maine isn't between GA and TX, but we're stopping there anyway. :) BTW - I have always wanted to see the Corn Palace!

  3. Love the award and the 7 things about you. I never change my purse to match my outfit.. but I tend to get purses that will nearly go with everything.

    WOW on your genealogy. That is awesome!!

  4. I'd love to travel around in a camper, too! With the kids and the husband :)
    I want to make it all the way up to Alaska and drive around up there in the summer. Just a dream. We don't even have a camper anymore :( but I don't mind tent camping in good weather.

  5. I don't quilt but I do crochet.

    And I have seen the Corn Palace :)


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