Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap

We have had a crazy and busy week this week.  My best friend since grade school came to Seattle with her sister for an international chorus competition.  The kids and I drove up on Tuesday to meet them and their brother, who had arrive from CA.  We went to the zoo and had a blast.  It was so much fun!  We were absolutely exhausted though.  Two hour drive there and back and seven hours at the zoo was alot.  Wednesday we only did half a school day because we were all so exhausted.  We had several meltdowns and temper tantrums-mine included, sad to say.  Wednesday night Princess tried to high hurdle the dog and ended up landing on her foot on the ceramic tile.  We spent the day Thursday at medical-military medical is something less than desired when you want to be quick.  Four hours there....ugh.  We're waiting for the radiologist to read the xray and tell us if its broken.  I still can't figure out why the doctor, after years and years of school, can't read the xray.  Right now we have an ace bandage, crutches, ice, and motrin.

So, not much school done this week, but here we go.

History-Working on our Plains Indians study and free lapbook that I found.  We built an indian village using a book that I had found with punchouts.  Next week we'll be working on Woodland Indians and starting a few projects.

Science-We did a little about caves on Monday.  I was hoping to finish up this week, hopefully today unless we end up at medical again.

Language Arts-TL's having difficulties with the vocabulary program we've started.  I think most if it is laziness and he doesn't want to do it.  I've also noticed that he struggles when looking words up in the dictionary.  He had fifteen to do this week.  Towards the end of the list, I noticed improvement so I'm hoping it was just a struggle because he didn't want to do it.  Spelling is going well with him.  We moved to All About Spelling Level 2 and he seems to be doing better sounding out his words.  Learning to spell by syllable is helping alot.  He's doing okay with his writing, although it is an issue, mostly because of the spelling.  Princess and BugaBug are doing Level 1 spelling and are about halfway through the book.  They really enjoy the program.  They've been working on some fun Halloween stories this week. 

Math-TL is improving his math grade.  He was really lazy at the beginning because it was all review and he wasn't careful.  After a few bad grades and some new work, he seems to be improving.  Princess has finally memorized all her addition facts and can do double and triple digit addition with carrying.  We're through the zeros to twos with subtraction.  I hope to finally begin multiplication around Thanksgiving.  Bug a Bug knows almost all her addition facts-she needs to know the sevens through the nines.  She's working on triple digit addition with carrying.  Both girls are also doing money review.

Literature-TL is halfway through Twenty-One Balloons.  We're reading together.  I read a page then he does.  I'm trying to determine how his reading is.  He doesn't ask me for assistance with words that he doesn't know so I wasn't sure how he was doing.  Princess and Bug-a-bug are working on Explode the Code books and Sing Spell Read and Write.  Princess is just about done with the program and will move into her Bob Jones soon.  I'm toying with allowing Bug-a-bug to do hers at the same time.

Read Alouds-This is one area I've been doing really poorly at.  TL and I have one more chapter in a book we started months ago and then I think we will work on The Hobbit.    The girls and I are working on the Betsy books.  I will be starting Little House in the Big Woods hopefully this next week. 

PreK-Little Miss Trouble is learning her shapes.  She knows a circle and is learning squares.  She knows some of her colors too, thanks to Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I think I read it almost everyday! 

Enjoy some photos of our zoo trip!

The giraffe and all exhibits were super animal friendly.
Little Miss Trouble climbed every single rock and wanted her picture taken
Red Panda

hanging out with the hippos
 TL hanging with the monkeys

Travis getting a lift from Little Miss Trouble

Chunky Monkey wasn't too impressed hanging out in the trees with the monkeys

All of us, minus Dawn who was taking the picture

Dawn and I-friends for about thirty years or so.  Give or take a few!

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