Thursday, October 28, 2010

Memorization list

I just realized that it will be November next week and I totally spaced out on the kids memorization lists this year.  I'm not quite sure what the problem was, but apparently, I totally forgot.  Thank goodness I read the post by Sergeant Major Mom about her memorization list.  If you get a moment, check out her blog.  She is a military spouse who uprooted from Alaska to Georgia this past year and made a cross country trip checking out everything she could with her kids.  It was quite a trip!

So, here goes my list for the year:

Helping Verbs
State of Being Verbs
States and Capitals
Preamble to the Constitution
Lord's Prayer
New Testament books

Poems:  (the first one listed is TL's and the second is the two older girls)  I took the poems from the Random Book of Poetry for Children by Jack Prelutsky.

Thanksgiving Magic by Rowen Bastin Bennett
Thanksgiving by Ivy O Eastwick

From a Christmas Package by David McCord
Merry Christmas by Aileen Fisher

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost
The Snowflake by Walter de la Mare

Maple Feast by Frances Frost
When by Dorothy Aides

Goodbye my Winter Suit by NM Bodecker
The March Wind by Anonymous

The Flattered Flying Fish by EV Riev
Ladybug by Joan Walsh Anglund

My tongue is Tasting Terrible by Jack Prelutsky
I'm ironing my Rhinocerus

Land of Nod by Robert Stevenson
The Swing by Robert Stevenson

I tried to make the poems interesting and fun.  There was something else I wanted them to memorize and for the life of me, I can't remember what it is right now.

I wanted to share this little tidbit.  Chunky Monkey has several words now-mommy, daddy, stop, and da-dow (which is for the dog, Shadow).  Tonight we went to my neighbor's Pampered Chef party and she chased the dog around calling, "da-dow".  I guess all dogs will be da-dows now!  How cute!


  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for stopping by! Your list looks wonderful. We have the same book and I love it. :)

  2. Do I have to memorize that list? Is this required reading? Will there be a test?

  3. For a fun way to memorize the 50 States and Capitals, check out:


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