Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Curriculum Review:Download and Go

The girls and I are doing Galloping through the Globe this year for our geography studies.  I thought it would be fun to do some interesting projects like making paper dolls for each country.  I also came across the Download and Go series by Amanda Bennett.  Since our first country study is China, I thought we'd try it.  Let me tell you that for $7.95, you will not be disappointed.  The lessons are very easily laid out with colorful notebooking and lapbooking projects for the kids to do.  Each day is full of information and interesting videos linked right into your download for the kids to watch.  My only complaint is that there was too much information!  We couldn't do everything in one day.  The kids absolutely loved it, even TL who enjoyed the videos.  It is geared for K-4th grade, so he didn't participate in the activities, but he enjoyed the other aspects of it.  It is a very thick ebook-123 pages to be exact.  I highly recommend getting one or two and doing something fun during your school year.  She has lots of fun titles to choose from adn I see that she just added tigers to it.  Enjoy!!


  1. Could you give more lesson plan descriptions on Galloping Across the Globe? I have considered using it. I haven't seen teh curriculum its self so I have been hesitant.

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for coming by and explaining more about Galloping Across the Globe to me. That's sounds like a one in all curriculum. It sounds great.

  3. Hi Michelle, just stopped by to see what you guys had been up to, Traci


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