Thursday, September 2, 2010

Almost ready for school....

I have a few more things to do before we start school next Wednesday. Get the kids notebooks set up, make some copies....that's about it except for planning things for the preschooler! yeah! I'm excited for their new year. It should be alot of fun for all of us! I still can't believe that I will be adding in a preschooler. Which really means I need to keep her from coloring on the walls or cutting her sister's hair. How is it that they find scissors after I thought I put them all up?

We're off camping again this weekend. Up into the mountains again. Big Foot is supposed to be in that area. I'll let you know if we see him and tell him hello for you. My dad and I were discussing his existence when he was here. The Cascade Mountains are so steep that no one lives on them, in fact, they're extremely difficult to climb. So you have to wonder about all that unexplored area............of course, maybe the martians have beamed them all up? :) Sorry, a little bad humor today!

My two classes are going well. I'm taking a Latin American history class, which is kind of a snoozer, but its okay. The Civil War class is great though. I'm really enjoying it!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!

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