Saturday, August 21, 2010

Northern Exposure land

My father recently arrived in town and in fact goes home tomorrow. That's the difficult part about being so far from family, trips are all too short. Maybe one day, we'll live closer when retirement comes around. Anyway, dad and I are huge Northern Exposure fans and we decided to take a trip to Roslyn, WA, where the filming took place for the tv show. I have to tell you that we spent our share of money to the store buying tshirts, etc.

We were actually surprised that Roslyn was such a coal mining town. We went into the museum and had a personal tour with a very nice gentlemen. Here's the last telephone operator. THe last assisted call took place here in 1995!

Of course, who could miss this photo op!

The building with KBHR is no longer occupied.

You can't get in to see Chris' area, but the town hasn't touched it since the film crew left. Everything looks exactly the same!

We had lunch at the Brick. It looks alot different inside. I'm not sure if they changed it everytime they filmed or filmed somewhere else for the inside. I need to take a look at the dvds again. It seemed to us that the inside was different. We also went inside Ruth Anne's store and that was exactly the same-except for the wall behind the register-it is entirely filled with liquor bottles. I guess they like their alcohol here!


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