Thursday, April 22, 2010

some of our days...

Here's little Chunky Monkey enjoying the new swing set.

On nice days, our backyard becomes a convergence zone for all the neighborhood kids. They have a great time back there!

Right now, the tulip festival is going on. We are the largest producers of tulip bulbs behind Holland. This area was actually founded by Holland-ers, hehe, couldn't resist. The day of TL's tournament, we happened to drive by on our way home. It was raining and cold so we didn't stop. The pictures don't do the fields any justice, but you can see how many tulips there are. There are a handful of farms that plant tulips this way. Most are free to park and visit, but some do have a parking fee. They are gorgeous!

So, last night Daddy and Princess went jogging. She seems to really enjoy it. He told her that if she really liked it, maybe next year we could get her on a track team. She said that was fine, but she needed an ipod!! Oh my gosh-she's only nine!! She wants to go today to buy one.....little does she realize that's not going to happen!w

Have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. You see? There isn't a good idea around that a girl cannot turn into an excuse for a shopping trip!

  2. The tulips are beautiful!

    The swing set is certainly going to get a lot of use. I think that is a great investement for y'all.

    My boys think they are saving up for an iPod touch.......ha! more power to them if they can do it. Ever since I got a Mac they've been i crazy :)


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