Friday, February 19, 2010

weeks of excitement.....

Well, know that my hands and joints are finally on the mend, I can type a little better. Still suffering from joint pain, mostly in my hands, but doing better with that. I have a few pictures to post to update you on what's been going on here.

My dreams of finishing my bachelors have been squashed. Some idiot in the federal government decided that when calculating financial aid-our housing allowance must be added in. This housing allowance is given to us by the way, because the pay for enlisted military members is so low. And, since we live in military housing, we get it paid and immediately deducted every month so we don't even see it at all.

Another idiot decided to suspend the military spouse assistance program. It gave us $6000 to use for school. Not alot, but enough to help out. 98,000 spouses were informed this week that the program has been suspended. They didn't even send us notice, just posted a note on their website. My school was pro-active and called all of their students to let us know. Too bad that because of adding in our housing allowance, even with having five kids, I still would have to pay $400 per class. I did sign up for aid a little late, so best I can hope for is getting a little more by signing up early. I'll finish my class in a few weeks and then I'm in the holding pattern.

On a good note however, we celebrated two birthdays this week. Well, a half birthday for chunky monkey and Princess' ninth birthday.

Poor chunky monkey, her sister never leaves her alone. Here, she looks a little frightened!

Sitting up all by herself now!

Birthday breakfast cupcake time. We're going to have to move to one candle next year, this has a little more flammage than necessary!

opening gifts

I have some more photos and updates to our school week. I'll post them later. The olympics have been hampering my study time and I need to get crackin. Please keep Princess in your prayers as she gets her tonsils removed on Monday!


  1. Keep the faith. Don't give up! You'll get your degree. Glad you're on the mend.

  2. Thanks Arby!! I was so upset yesterday!! Unfortunately, every class is upper level, so I have no hope of cleping out of them. I do have a Spanish II class, I have to take, so I'll work on studying for the clep test and maybe get that out of the way. Hopefully, by then, they will have sorted through this or hopefully, I'll qualify for more financial aid as I'll be filing early in the year.

  3. Argh! What? Oh, first - Happy BIRTHDAYS!

    What? Halting operations? I had just finished the application process and IF I hadn't read your blog - I wouldn't have known about it! :(
    Bum deal! Prayerfully, this will be fixed soon -I need that mula!

    Back to the good stuff: Looks like y'all are really enjoying Washington. Good job! Glad your hubby made it back. Can't wait to visit Hotel Subbert/Shadow-dog w/cheese :)


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