Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some sights

I just realized that I didn't take the pictures of the lapbooks we completed two weeks ago, so I'll get those posted soon. The kids really liked learning about eagles, especially since this is the time of year, that many fly around. We have 6 resident eagles close by, but lately we've been counting ten or more a day. Its wonderful to see so many bald eagles, especially since they are endangered.

Here's some pictures that I took down the street from our house.

This is Mount Baker, part of the Cascade Mountain range. We went camping near there this past summer. Its a beautiful and nice area.

As I was taking this photo, this bald eagle starting circling over my head.

This photo and the next few, I took standing in the same spot. This is a little further down the street, along the little beach area. Notice the driftwood. Its huge and all over every beach here.

This view is standing in the same spot. The mountain range to the east of the island-the Cascade Mountains.

This is still standing in the same spot. The mountain range to the west of the island-the Olympics. Our house is down this street about half a mile.

You can barely see the outline here, but this is Mount Ranier.

As you can see, the scenery is gorgeous here. On a clear day, from our upstairs windows, we can view both mountain ranges-one in the front of the house and one in the rear. My neighbor across the street backs up to the little wooded area and had a bald eagle swoop in her back yard the other day. I need to take a photo of the shot down the street from our patio so you can see what we see. Its gorgeous-and we're open for company, if you'd like to come!!

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  1. Neat pictures. I think the snowman background is awesome. It took a moment to figure out what it was with the pictures scrolling over it. That's really cool.


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