Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Finally on the mend.....

I hope anyway. I'm sure we are because hubby comes home Friday night. You'll hear me running and screaming away from the house on Saturday!

Arby posted a great idea about a jar-paying money into it for fumes that bodies emit. I had a much better idea for a jar.

We know have the "jail jar". Any coats or shoes that I pick up go into the "jail" laundry basket. To retrieve your item, you must put five cents into the jail jar and on allowance day, you must buy it all back.

Hubby is ten cents as he is the worst offender.

I should be rich and able to afford a luxury cruise all by my lonesome, without any sick children around.

oh, and TL just went ahead and put a dollar in the jar so he'll be covered for a while he said!


  1. hee, hee....I began taking stuff for ransom a few months ago.
    They have to pay me a quarter to get their camera, pocket knife, etc back. Whatever I might find laying around that shouldn't be left out. And I hide them when I find them. It's amazing how long it takes for them to notice stuff is missing sometimes.

  2. A fantastic variation on my idea! If I did that here at home for the socks that I find abandoned throughout the house, I'd be wealthy and my wife and kids would be barefoot 13 out of 14 days each pay period. I'm thinkin'...


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