Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Its been a crazy busy month with wreath making, wrapping, mailing, two taekwondo tests, and school. The kids have been awesome this month and really helpful. I was very glad that I had almost all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving. I was able to mail out four boxes Thanksgiving weekend, but have been so busy, I just mailed the other four out this past weekend. Baking is done and the neighbors are enjoying the fruits of my labor (and hopefully gaining thighs as heavy as mine :) It is the season to share after all!)

Now, I am in the midst of cleaning out the closets and organizing. Something we didn't do when we moved in. It was all I could do to get unpacked-organization was for another day-after baby. I cleaned out my desk yesterday-took about four hours. Oh the junk we keep! Why? Why?

Today, I'm heading upstairs to tackle the closets. We gently tossed stuff in them when we moved and slammed the doors shut and told the kids that they were never never allowed to open them unless they wanted everything tumbling out. I'm heading up there soon, wish me luck. I'm letting the kids know that if I don't make any noise after an hour to send the firemen in looking for me under the piles of stuff!!

Merry CHRISTmas!


  1. If we don't hear from you soon, we'll know you're buried.

    I have many horror stories from dealing with Navy mail personnel. They specialized in enforcing the most arcane postal rules that the average civilian postal clerk has never heard of, rules that dated back to the Spanish-American war. They did so with a cold-hearted cruelty that never ceased to amaze me. I often wondered if those people looked at us like we were the enemy rather than a fellow sailor. Eventually, I saved all of my mail until I could take it out on town where human beings manned the post office counter.

  2. May the Peace, Love, and saving Grace of our risen savior Jesus Christ be visited upon you now and always. Merry Christmas!


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