Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Around our house

This year is the first time we've ever cut down our Christmas Tree. We have always had a real one, except for the last three years in Japan. They do ship them over for us, but they are like dried twigs when we get them and total fire hazards. We have a tree farm right down the street from our house and we were able to go and cut our own!! It was alot of work and very exhausting to drag it to the car but it was totally fun!

Posing on the sleigh. Now we just need some snow!

Princess watching daddy cut down the tree

Enjoy Santa stopped by. Little Miss Trouble wouldn't go near him at all, not surprised though, its that age

TL's turn to saw

Finally Down!! Now to drag it to the car!

Snuggling with daddy is a special treat

Little Miss Trouble was so mad at her sisters because they wouldn't let her help wash the dishes. She had disappeared and I found her in the bathroom washing some of the dishes in the sink. Well, at least she removed her shirt so it wouldn't get wet!


  1. That looks like it was a great time!

  2. Tell Little Miss Trouble that she can come wash dishes at my house any time. She can also vacuum, dust, mop, or fold laundry.


  3. Looks like great memories for all. I second Kellie, Little Miss Trouble can come to my house when she is done at Kellie's. The boys don't like dishes. Merry Christmas! Tell hubby, Thanks for serving our country, and you too.


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