Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Field Trip-Pioneer Cemetary

When Grandpa was here, I still tried to get a little school done in the way of field trips. We went down to Coupeville, which is about ten miles south of us, to check out the pioneer cemetery. It is loaded with old stones and it very beautiful to see. We really enjoyed walking around-well, dad and I did. The kids ran for cover in the car after about fifteen minutes. Something about 35mph wind gusts-they complained they were cold.

Just in case you doubted that the cemetery was for pioneers-see it says it here.

Dad and I found this one very interesting.

Here is a view down from a little hill. The cemetery is very large and was very interesting to see all those old graves. We may have to head back when its not so blustery.

This very old headstone was interesting. We wondered when they arrived to Whidbey Island and discussed the hardships they must have endured. After all, if they ran out of supplies, it wasn't likely that they ran to the store down the street. What about medicines? School? It made my kids really think about things.

If you click on this photo, you should be able to enlarge it enough to read some very interesting information about the blockhouse that is located on the grounds.

Here is TL standing in the fireplace area. We had a very interesting discussion about how they cooked food.

Princess wanted to know where they slept, because the inside is very small. We discussed the loft area (which was not in this blockhouse), how they had to store food, probably table and chairs and the possibility of a very large family (6-10 people) in this very small space. The kids said that they rather enjoyed their spacious house and would not have enjoyed those days at all.

My next post will show pictures from Seattle, on our many trips back and forth to the airport!

Have a blessed day!


  1. This looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Call me weird, but I just LOVE cemeteries. They are so interesting!


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