Sunday, March 26, 2017

Catch up

Good morning everyone!!  

These little animals we have added to the homestead certainly keep us busy.  Princess Buttercup told me two days ago that she loves living on her farm. ahhhh, warmed my heart.

The goats are getting bigger and getting their horns.  They are eating hay and solid food now so we have to get them to drink water so they can be weaned off of the bottle.  

The horse, Shiloh, is doing well.  The girls are anxious to ride but the weather is not cooperating too much.  They did jump on for a little bareback the other day.

Princess Daisy is working hard to earn her cooking badge with American Heritage Girls.  She is super excited to earn badges.  Princess Buttercup is working on a few also.

Bug-a-bug took this photo for her online photography class from Currclick.  I think she did a nice job.  

I haven't taken pictures yet but the girls are all working on presentation boards for a country fair with some other homeschoolers.  Each picked a country and it working hard on their board.  They are due on Wednesday so we will be spending most of out time on Monday working on the boards.

The littles are also busy working on their life size human body.  They are learning about the different body parts and what they do.  We traced their bodies onto paper and are cutting out the organs to put on the body.  Its pretty fun and they really enjoy it.

I'm off for now.  Have a wonderful and blessed week!


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