Friday, December 6, 2013

Medieval History

Our small church is blessed with about 25 families.  Ten of them homeschool and over half of the children in our church are homeschooled.  We have a wonderful time at our co-op.  We have 36 kids, so we split them up into three groups; ages 4-5, 6-9, and 10 and older.  This term I spent eight weeks teaching a medieval history class.  We are blessed that one of our homeschool moms has a cousin and her husband that teach about medieval history and do festivals.  They were more than willing to come and talk to us.  We split the kids into two groups, with an hour presentation for each group.  The kids all really enjoyed it!

Showing the little ones some clothing
Showing the girls some dresses
Making chainmale
View from the top of Bug-a-bug's medieval castle
View of the great hall

Our next term doesn't start until March as we are trying to get through the winter months without having to cancel too many due to weather.  We have one family that travels an hour to get to us so we like to be cautious with them. 

Enjoy a wonderful weekend!

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