Thursday, November 8, 2012

The garden.....planning phase

While growing up, we had a huge garden.  Lots of canning was done each year.  I haven't planted a garden or canned in over twenty years.  This along with the fact that I live in a colder climate zone has encouraged me to buy the following:

I have just drawn out the garden area.  I plan on growing two apple trees (more will be added later), two pear trees, a peach tree, and a plum tree.  If I have space, I want to do a cherry tree too.   I plan on planting strawberries and blueberries this year.  Raspberries and blackberries will be added next year.  Although I'll be spending alot of money on plants this year and not receiving any yield, the yield in years to come will certainly make up for it.  We also have two apple trees on the property that haven't been sprayed or taken care of the last few years. 

I've also been planning out the vegetable garden.  Sweet corn, potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, lots of tomatoes for canning and spaghetti sauce, pumpkins, beans, peas, and cucumbers.  I plan on canning pickles so lots of cucumbers.  We also have an asparagus and rhubarb patch on the property.  There is also a small strawberry patch, but I don't know the yield on that yet either.  I need to see how much we get from that patch, not that it really matters, my kids could eat quarts each day.

I've also got this book:

And also this:

TL and I have started planning out the chicken area.  Only egg chickens for us right now, so I'm thinking about a dozen, which should give us enough and some to share.

I may think about a milk cow too, seeing as how expensive milk is getting.

Take care everyone!!  Happy reading!!


  1. We use the same chicken book. It's quick helpful. I haven't found Storey's Guide to Cows. You're on your own for that one!

  2. Glad you are all better. All of your plans sound fabulous. I would love to have a milk cow. I'm sure it would be cheaper to feed with all the milk my bunch drinks.
    My daughter loves fruit so much I'm not sure if I'd have anything left to can after she got through picking the trees & bushes, LOL.


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