Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'mmmmm bbbaaaaccckkkkk!

Okay, at least I have internet access again.  It has been a crazy month.  Delay after delay has delayed our closing.  We will finally be closing this Thursday and I'm so excited!!

The owners of this house are truly wonderful Christians.  They had already moved to KY last year and the house has been vacant.  They graciously offered for us to move into the house while Kevin was still there so that he could help us get settled and some things ready for winter before he had to leave to head back to CA.  It was about five days before we actually spent the night here.  Our bed is against the wall and looks out french doors into the back pasture.  The sun rises there and it is truly beautiful to see in the morning.

We were able to take care of some much needed maintenance before the winter months arrive on us.  And unpack a good portion of the house before he left.

I didnt have to transfer over the water because we have a well system and only the electric had to be transferred.  We did that immediately, not wanting to impose on the sellers.  I held off on phone and internet though until we had a definite clear to close from the bank.  The many hold ups were definitely because of the fact we were using our VA loan.  I don't know that we'd ever go through that experience again.  It was definitely challenging!  Our phone and internet were not supposed to be hooked up until Monday but we live in a small town......and that has its advantages.  The gentleman called today and asked if he could come and install it..........oh yeah!!  internet!!1

My inlaws came into town last night and we did some exploring today.  The next nearest town, with 700 residents, has a world class meat smoker and we bought some great meat.  Apple cinnamon bacon.....yum!!  Then we ventured into Hope, which has a creamery.  Bought a pound of butter, its supposed to be fabulous.  Also spent $10 on local honey....two pounds!!  Its like $7 for a pound in the supermarket.

The kids and I are enjoying the small town living.  We're starting to get our activities in place.  Found a fabulous homeschool co-op at a church that we were looking to attend.  Tomorrow is our first day there and we're excited.  The kids really enjoyed meeting new friends there.  Monday, TL will check out a taekwondo studio and boy scouts.  The girls are heading to American Heritage Girls on Tuesday.  Awana is on Wednesday.  Things are falling into place.  We really miss having daddy nearby but are consoled that with his schedule the next two years, he won't be home much anyway.  He'll be lucky to be home six months out of the next 24.  Thankfully, he'll be making several trips home to see us and we're very excited to get our little farm up and running.  We went over plans while he was here and it looks like we're on the same page on a lot of things.  We can't wait!

With all of the upheavel and unpacking, we finally started school this week.  Our first week went well however, there are a few things that I still need to get for school for the kids.  I hope to place that order this week.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!  Enjoy the beauty of the fall, the colors here are fabulous!


  1. Ugg! I am sorry to hear that your delays were due to the VA loan since that is the way we are going too. I am glad it finally worked out for you. I can't wait to see more pictures of your place. We are so worn out by all of the paperwork right now. It is amazing all that they require these days. It sounds like there are lots of activities for the kids in your small town.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I am so happy for you that you were able to get settled in and they have been so gracious about it. Such a blessing! Hope closing goes smoothly for you after all the waiting.

    It sounds like you are more settled in than we are, ha!

    Such a fantastic deal on honey! I think there must be wonderful advantages to living in a small community like that. I hope everyone makes friends quickly and that the activities work out for each of you.



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