Sunday, August 26, 2012

and waiting and waiting and waiting

Well, we got word from the bank (ten days before closing) that we couldn't buy all of the land.  Its seperated into two different parcels, the front four includes the house and barns.  They wouldn't let us add on the back parcel of about eight acres.  After several days of back and forth, the sellers are going through the county to get it resurveyed to make it all one parcel.  Seriously?

Delaying our closing until how long?  Thankfully, its a small town and their real estate agent knows the surveyor so it will be filed this week.  We're shooting for the 7th!

Hubby is on his way here now.  Not all of our stuff fit in the truck (that's a shocker).  We have a small room of stuff left.  Not sure how or when we'll get it here.  Kevin also told me that they unpacked boxes and through stuff into all kinds of drawers, anywhere they could fit stuff.  Oh, the fun of unpacking it will be!! 

So, please pray for hubby's safe travels and also for our closing to now take place on the 7th.  We plan on taking a trip up on Wednesday so he can see the house and we're unloading our stuff into his cousin's garage.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Here's a few more pictures of the house:
The side yard looking into the front yard.  The three apple and one crabapple tree are right by those pines.

The front pasture.  We need to take out that dead pine.

The back of the horse barn.  We need to do a little TLC to it.

The kitchen

The front yard

Have a wonderful week!!!!


  1. Look at all the cabinets in your kitchen! I pray it all goes through for you.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Oh Michelle, I am praying all works out. I'm so excited for you getting a new house. It just has to work out for your sake. Praying that Kevin makes a safe trip. Oh, & have fun unpacking.

  3. Hang in there, you'll be settled soon! It is such a great property it is worth the wait.

    The kitchen reminds me of my old kitchen with all those cabinets :)

  4. It looks like an awesome place. I didn't realize you were settling down. Yeah, for you!. Praying it all goes smoothly.

  5. Just stopped by to check on you. I hope you are just super busy moving :)

  6. Wow! I haven't been blog reading in quite a while. You guys have been busy! The place looks great. I hope that everything works out for you.


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