Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello, hello......anyone there?

I should correctly say, "Look, I'm backkkkk!!!"

Sorry, we've been crazy busy and then I had a week without internet.  A week!!  We have a little box in the camper and our time had been used up.  I quickly checked email a few days and turned it off.  It was nice not to be tied to the computer all day.  I felt like I spent more time with the kids and got more done. 

I'm not sure how my computer addiction started.  When my hubby is deployed that's our only way of communicating.  If we're lucky, we are on at the same time and can email each other back and forth, so I've gotten into the habit of checking the computer a few times a day.  Then, I get sidetracked.

So, I've decided to check it in the morning and night and that's it.  After the holidays, I'm moving back to paper lesson planning.  The computer program works great but its too distracting to me to have it open all day long.  I tried printing out each day and then checking it off but I end up with the same amount of paper I was trying to avoid by using the computer.......

Our camper is decorated.  Took about ten minutes.  The four foot tree is up.  Monkey girl keeps taking all the ornaments off.  I didn't buy nice ones at all, because I knew she'd be doing that.  Maybe next year.  We strung up some lights and it looks a little festive in here.  I'm a little sad not to have all my decorations, but its good.  I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to wrap the kids stuff now.  Daddy may have to take them bowling one day!!  lol

The kids have joined the bowling league here on base.  They're having a blast with it.  Little Miss Trouble gets to start after the new year in the bumper bandits league.  It should be really cute.

I have lots more to post.  I have some more high school stuff to share and photos.  I need to get working on that.  Unfortunately, the kids have been going to bed really late and getting up late.  Daddy's got a huge inspection this week (prayers please for it to go well) and he's been going in at 5am and coming home at 8-9pm so the kids are up to see him. 

Take care!!  Enjoy your shopping and Christmas season!!  I finally have my cards done, I'm usually done on Thanksgiving weekend but I procrastinated this year.  Most of my shopping is done and I need to get boxes out this week to mail.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi Michelle. Glad you are back at least for short spurts.

    Merry Christmas to you and the family.
    I can't wait for your high school page.
    We picked up the drivers handbook this week, getting ready for that major step in life.

    I admire you, girl, living in a camper. Awesome.

  2. Hey! I completely understand the internet addiction thing. Sometimes, you just have to push away! Let us know how the inspection goes.


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