Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You must homeschool your kids.....

So we're here in southern WA visiting some friends and our stay has been extended.  We are looking to trade up on our camper and that's the main reason, but we had a few extra days in our schedule and spent them here.

Earlier this week we walked across the street to look at some campers across the way.  The salesman was very nice and answered my questions (hubby had already been there).  I was with the two older girls and when we left he asked if I homeschooled.  An odd question seeing as we don't have anything identifying us as homeschoolers, but I replied yes.  He said, "I thoughts so.  Your girls are so polite."  I thanked him, thought it was odd and moved on. 

Today a woman approached me that had met my oldest two girls and stated that they were very polite and asked if I homeschooled.  When I verified this she said, "I thought so because they were so polite."

Although I'm excited that my children are being respectful and polite to others, these statements have me worried.  After all, there are plenty of public school kids that are polite that are not getting recognition.  Its too bad that the bad public school kids are giving a bad rap.  It saddens me that other children are not being given recognition.

I have to look at the upside though.  Perhaps the question of "what about socialization?" will be replaced by "look at how well mannered those children are".

Have a wonderful week everyone! 


  1. First of all, congratulations. Secondly, while there may be polite kids in public schools, most people don’t meet them in the middle of the day. They meet homeschooled kids in the middle of the day. And the politeness is both obvious and pleasing.

  2. We get asked that all the time, even if I only have one child out with me in the evening. I guess there is just something different about homeschool children.


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