Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt. St Helens

Big Foot Country!!!  Watch out he'll get you!

I think this is a little taller than the bigfoots running in the woods

Information about the blast zone

Mount St. Helens under cloud cover.  TL is running from an potential blast!

Helicopter tour of the mountain.  No, we did not take this.

Nice view, but still alot of cloud cover.

Coldwater Lake near the mountain base

Monkey enjoying the lake.


Johnstowne Ridge.  Johnstowne was on duty the day of the blast and managed a quick radio signal out to warn everyone before he was wiped out by the blast.  They have never recovered his body.

You can see the devastation of the trees.  There were stumps all through the blast zone and even further away.  They have replanted over 18.4 million trees and plants into this area to reforest it.

The cloud cover finally clearing off the  mountian.  You'll notice that the mountain doesn't have any vegetation.  This is because all the topsoil was blown off and only rock remains.
We're trying to enjoy our time here.   The campsite that we are at is absolutely awful.  No amenities for the kids, they aren't allowed to ride bikes or play on the little hill and there isn't enough room to even put a picnic table next to the camper.  I'm not very pleased.  It seems that they are watching us to let us know if we're going against one of their many rules.  Thank goodness we leave tomorrow to go and visit some friends.

Have a wonderful week for those of you that are doing school!


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

  2. Your homeschooling adventures are impressive!

  3. What a wonderful field trip!
    Sorry the campsite is not so great. But, soon that will be just a memory and you all will be well on your way to the next adventure.


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