Thursday, July 14, 2011

Been busy sewing

I have all the school books piled and ready to be packed in the camper.  Now, I'm spending time sewing some quilt tops and wallhangings to hand quilt while living in the camper.  I hate just sitting there at night.  I like to read too, but that will get old after 4-6 months. 

So, here's what I've been working on:

This is the first block for my Civil War wallhanging.  I am loving the patterns and fabric so I may have to one day make a full size quilt!  I need to applique this block down which is why there are pins in it.  It represents the wagon wheel-for the slaves to follow.
My Japanese wallhanging for my bedroom.  I have some really nice Japanese pieces in my room so I'm turning that into my Japanese room.
Flannel rag quilt.  This is the back side.
This is the front side.  I have to cut all those seams into about 1/4 inch cuts and then wash to give it a raggy look.
So, no homeschooling news, but I have been busy.

Eleven days until the packers come.  Hubby comes home tomorrow and has about twelve things on his to-do list before the movers get here.  My list is much shorter.  Perhaps, I will sit in my lawn chair and sip lemonade while watching him do his jobs.  Only fair right, since I will have to pack the camper for living 4-6 months.  I have piles made already so I think I will have him pull the camper around this weekend and get the beds all made up and the school books in.  Next week, I'll just have to pack the clothes and food then.  I'll post pictures then!


  1. Those look like wonderful busy-work projects for the camper. They will make your new home feel so much more cozy when they are done.

    I suspect you won't be sitting around sipping lemonade, but it's a nice thought ;)

  2. Love them! Wish I could quilt, but I don't even sew. :)


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