Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A very busy summer indeed.....

What a crazy busy summer!!  We started off with a graduation party for this handsome guy.  It was so much fun!!  My mom, uncle, dad, and Kevin's family came in for the event.  I was glad we were was plenty warm out.

TL is off to college now.  He's attending the local community college to save some money and in his words, "why leave home with free food and rent?"  He's doing pretty good in school, although my OCD is twitching because he tends to wait on his assignments.  He'll learn on his own and waiting may work for him.  I was always too stressed to wait until the last minute.

The week after the graduation party, we headed to my stepson's wedding.  It was a wonderful and fun event.  We met so many wonderful people.  We have a fabulous time.

Then in July, we headed to Tennessee to hubby's retirement ceremony.  It was sooooo hot and humid.  100 degree temps with high humidity.  It was awful weather wise.  We were blessed that we had so many friends and family come into town for the event.  We were so surprised at how many made the trip.  We went with family to the zoo (did I mention how hot it was?) and also to the Bass Pro Shop.  The rest of the week was spent spending time with our family and friends.  

 The rest of the summer has been just as busy.  We had hiking, archery, and camping with American Heritage Girls.  We came home at the end of July to a garden bursting with goodies.  I've been canning up a storm.  Spaghetti sauce, chili, pickles, jams, pizza sauce, and beets.  We've also cut up and frozen 50 dozen ears of corn and more zucchini than I can count.  

This week, life has moved back into a routine; although I still have tomatoes to can and next week apples will be in.  School is much easier this year.  Last year, TL suffered senioritis and I had to stay on top of him all year.  This year, I work with the littles in the morning and then the big girls in the afternoon.  Day two was completed today and we were able to finish both days by 2 and I had all the grades recorded.  Not too bad.

I'll be posting school pics and our curriculum later this week!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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  1. So nice to catch up with you. Does this mean your husband is home now!?
    Blessings, Dawn


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