Thursday, October 31, 2013

Elemental Science for Biology-Logic Stage Review

We have been homeschooling for eleven years now and I've always just done unit studies with science but this year I wanted something different.  With a sophomore knee deep in biology, I needed a curriculum that was written well that I could combine with several kids.  I found it with Elemental Science.

Elemental Science's classic science series is awesome.  Biology, Earth Science and Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics are available for both elementary and intermediate levels; the only exception is the intermediate level for Physics which is due out in 2014.  They also have a Preschool series that includes two science curriculums and a history curriculum.

The Biology Logic Stage uses two books as the spines: Encyclopedia of Nature (DK) and Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia.  There are several other reading options that include Human Body (DK), Usborne Interlinked Encyclopedia, and Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Science.

The schedule for the units is broken up into two options: a two day or five day schedule.  The units are:

  • Unit 1          Introduction and Ecology
  • Unit 2          Plants
  • Unit 3          Invertebrates
  • Unit 4          Vertebrates
  • Unit 5          Animal Overview
  • Unit 6          Human Body
I opted to purchase the downloadable version of both the teachers edition and student pages.  With four girls going to use this program, this seemed the easiest option for me.  The $25.50 cost was very reasonable for the program, although the printed copy does have a bigger cost.
The student guide includes assignment sheets, unlabeled sketches, experiment pages, and blank report pages.  There are reading and writing assignments with each week.  The writing assignment pages are left blank to allow the student to summarize with an outline, summary, or do both on the reading assignment.  Vocabulary and memory work in included for each unit.  Also, each week, dates relevant to the reading assignment are entered on timeline pages.
The experiments are easy to do and a nice list of items that are needed are included at the beginning of the book and divided up by chapter.  I love that the experiment sheets work through the scientific method which really reinforces this method to the students.  
At the end of every unit is a test.  We are almost done with unit one and should be doing our test next week.  I have previewed the test and it reinforces the vocabulary and information that has been taught to the students.
We have thoroughly enjoyed this program.  I have already decided that we will be purchasing the next book which will be the Earth Science and Astronomy for intermediate.  I honestly cannot find any problems or issues with the program.  It is very detailed and thorough and a lot of fun for the kids and myself.
I really wish I had been able to get the preschool series for my two littles this year but it wasn't in the budget.  I have already decided that I will be getting the history book also for next year.   
 I cannot say enough good things about this program.  We love it!

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  1. Thank you for the review and for sharing it with me. Glad to read that you guys are enjoying our programs!


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