Monday, August 12, 2013

Our schoolroom

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When we bought our homestead last year, we were blessed with a large room that we converted to our schoolroom.  We've been homeschooling for ten years and its really nice to have an actual schoolroom.  The paint is still drab olive green but I've been tossing around colors to change it too.  Our schoolroom runs a little into the hallway to the bath and my bedroom.  I'm converting one of those walls to a chalkboard for the littles to have fun on.

The above photo is the view looking out of the schoolroom windows into the front yard.  You'll have to ignore the glare.  I refuse to put up any curtains to destroy the view.  I love it too much.  After living in military housing for so long and having your neighbor a few feet away, window coverings were essential.  I am enjoying my new freedom!
 Excuse the giant black lump on the floor.  The dog had landed there and now that he's getting older, its getting harder for him to get up.  The bookcase to the left of the picture with the clock on top holds our puzzles, math items, and books for everyone to read.  I have a large bean bag chair upstairs and I'm getting another to put in front of the desk so the kids can sit and read.  The space on the floor is big enough for the littles to play or do puzzles.  The orange carpet is some remnants from our church that were never used that they were going to throw away.  Not exactly the best color, but it works to cover and protect the oak floor.  The large bookcase in the back holds our books.  I need to get another bookcase because there are several shelves where the books are two layers deep.  Also, my two shelves for history are totally full, and I have to add in this years' books yet.  The desk was left here by the previous owner.  It is huge and wears about two hundred pounds.  Its a great surface for me to lay out all my books and do lesson planning, however, it always looks a mess. 

 Here are three of our school desks.  My teen does work up in his room.  My father made each of these desks and I just love them.  They have one drawer, which is perfect.  The shelf in the corner holds our art supplies, games, and science kits.  The crate on the floor behind the desk holds all of the notebooks and schoolbooks for my oldest daughter.  The second daughter's desk is next to mine and the littles are in the center of the window.  They don't have crates because they are still really in workbooks.

This is the view out of our front windows.  Now you know why I refuse to cover them up.  We sometimes pause during the day to watch turkeys, deer, squirrels, or birds. 

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  1. I love those huge windows. What a blessing they are. Nature so close... Your room is so big. What a nice change from the camper.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I soooo wouldn't cover those windows either! What a view, what a great room. Hey, I won't cover the windows in my school room, and they only look out onto our sand and junk filled back yard (although my green-thumb hubby has plans for a sub-tropical paradise back there that I am sooooo going to love). I love light too much to block it off.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop.

  3. Wow your views are magnificent! What an inspiring setting for your homeschool.

    I love the desks your father made.

    Our dog gets in all my photos, too. He is only a year so he still follows me around everywhere, looking at me with that hopeful "What are we doing now?" expression. ("Sorry Harvey - still decluttering!")

  4. I love the view! I wouldn't cover it up, either. Nature studies right outside the window.

  5. Your desks are beautiful. And that view, gorgeous. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  6. what an absolutely gorgeous yard and view! I am jealous! Blessings!


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