Saturday, July 13, 2013

Been so so busy

May and June we had about forty inches of rain.  I didn't have a weed eater, so my trim and around the garden beds got to be about two feet tall.  This was the first week of sun we've had, and I've been working all week and haven't made a dent in the trim and weed eating.  Guess what I'll be doing this week?

I spent thirty hours selling fireworks at a tent in front of Wally World to raise funds for our church.  We have a building we call the Refuge with a large gym and a large game room.  We offer free after school programs for K-6th grade and open it up to the teens every Friday night.  We include free snacks in with this, so it takes a lot of money to run.  The town where our church is has about 600 people, and we have about 125 kids run through the programs each week.

I also had to get TL ready for boy scout camp, he returns today.  Today is the first day of rain in a week and its pouring.  I hope they're a little drier up there trying to pack up.

Last week we also hosted a boy scout troop from NE on their way to camp in WI.  They need a place to over night and I offered my place.  They were going to set up their tents but didn't arrive until almost dark as the youngest had gotten car sick.  There were four boys and two leaders so we had boys all over the living room.  I tell you, they were the nicest boys ever.  They played dolls with the little ones and let Bug-a-bug do their hair.  They even took time out of camp this week to get together and call and wish Bug-a-bug happy birthday.  We are excited as they have asked if they could stop in again on their way home and relax with us.  Of course we said yes!!

And of course it was Bug-a-bug's tenth birthday this year.  She's very excited that she will be getting her military id soon. 

I'm busy trying to work on lesson plans and some sort of schedule for next year while trying to keep up with the inside and outside.  I made a new chore chart and it seems to be helping a lot.  I'm also trying to work on a few wallhangings to get up when my dad comes next week.  I hope to do some painting while he's here and he can take the kids out for a while so I don't have to worry about them putting their hand in the paint.  Right now we have nothing on the walls and I really want to get stuff up soon.....we've almost lived here for a year already!

Garden produce should be coming in soon.  I'll be a canning mad woman.  I haven't canned in about twenty years so this aught to be interesting.    I'm also working on making our own laundry soap and softener this month.  I buy from a wellness company but we just can't afford it anymore....its too pricey.

So just super busy this summer.  I hope to take the kids to some state parks and check them out on the cooler days and already have field trips lined up to a Civil War Reenactment and a Pow Wow in Sept.  Oct we will hit the zoo and another state park.  I plan on doing a field trip once a month if I can.

Take care all and enjoy your summer!!

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