Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And the ceiling didn't fall in.....

It was bound to happen at some point.  After all, I do have five children.

Sunday, I was desperately trying to finish my homework when Princess came down.  After church, I let two friends come over to keep the girls girl and her little sister. 

"Don't be mad, mom".....uh-oh.  "We're trying to clean it up but we ran out of towels".........uh-oh.  Apparently, the little girls had gone into the bathroom and put the plug in the sink and then let the water run and run and run.....well, you get the picture.

At this point I was frustrated because I needed to get my homework done, but personally, I thought it was pretty funny.  Until I went into the living room.

The ceiling was soaked and staining as it got wet.  Thankfully, this part of the house is all plaster. 

I went upstairs and the girls were finishing cleaning up.  It looked pretty good.  PRincess was in questioning the three year old and the two five year olds.  I told her to stop, there wasn't any point.  Just told them never to do that again.

And I went back downstairs to watch the stain spread.

Its now about four feet by three feet wide.  Nice dark brown.....on the white ceiling.

Thank goodness, I have nothing else to do or paint in this house, lol!!

When I finish this class, I guess I'll be working on the ceiling instead of painting the dining room!


  1. Oh, no!!! I'm a little afraid of something like that happening, too, now that we are in our first two story house. Water can be the worst sometimes, but such a blessing most of the time.

    I totally get where you are coming from with Princess "questioning" the little ones. I have some olders who just love to do that sort of thing, too. Drives me batty! We're working on it.

    BTW, I love the new family photo!

  2. Oh dear! I love your attitude. We had our own flood a few weeks ago and now I have a ceiling to paint as well.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I agree with the above post. Your attitude was shining with this one. Mine would have been dark and burly. The family photo looks great. The kids have changed a lot from their side photos.


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