Monday, June 11, 2012

Planning a we will goooooo.........

Hello everyone!!  Finally got a Cricket hotspot.  Works like a champ!  So happy to have some internet back!!

I'm taking two classes this term.  Both are rather intense.  One is an ethics class.  The instructor posts about 25 questions each week and we have to answer our assigned question.  Each post each week is worth 5pts.  The final makes up the remainder of the points to equal only 100 for the year, so every point counts.  The problem is that the final is going to be ten questions taken from the ones she assigns each week.  ugh

My other class is on the American Revolution-love that time period so I'm enjoying the class.  I picked out my term paper topic-spies!!  So, I need to start reading up on that so I can start outlining my paper in a few weeks.

I'm starting to put together our schedule for next year and I hope to start working on lesson plans this week.  I need to print out the forms that I designed.  Some subjects we'll do five days a week, some two, and some three.  Sounds confusing, I know, but I have the schedule all worked out so it should be okay (I hope).

How's your new year planning going?


  1. Glad you got internet back. Your classes sound interesting. I bet you are learning loads. It is so great for the kids to see mom studying.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Trying to get it all planned out and still second guessing myself on some textbooks as to whether they will work for us. Trying not to put too much on the schedule, but gotta get those credits done. Ugh - high school. Glad to hear all is well in the 5th wheel.

  3. I'm here! Have had a rough go, but coming back strong. Dear hubby has had a hospital stay, with a few weeks of recovery, all is well now.
    Plans for next year? Hmm, well, they are slowly trickling in. Have a suggestion for a great history that covers Ancient History (Bible history)? Or, just a great history for our year?
    Saw that one of your books to read this year is To Kill A Mocking Bird, you need to plan a trip to AL next March. Monroeville, Al does a play/reinactment every year for students 12 & older, have waited for several years until my children reached that age. Hopefully we will get to go this year.


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