Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly update

I'll have to post our school update later today.  First, we found the glasses!!  and you haven't heard from me because I was studying for midterms!  They are now done and a huge load is off my back now!

Here's some photo updates!  TL participated in an all school taekwondo tournament.  He competed with three other boys in his age range-all higher belts than he is.  He placed first in sparring and his form!  I'm so proud!

Doing his form

Getting ready to spar

Getting his first place sparring trophy from Master Rhodes
 And just cause she's so cute:

Starting our school day in our jammies

We start school at an early age here at Eagle Eye Academy!


  1. We miss Tae Kwon Do. Congrats to him on his first place!! I love the old desk by the way. We had one of those at home when I was a kid. I wonder if my parents still have it stored somewhere....

  2. Good luck on the test. I know you'll be glad to have them behind you for the holiday season.


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