Monday, March 22, 2010

Nature walk and some new curriculum

The week before last was gorgeous. Wonderful temps and lots of sunshine, so we took a nice nature walk along a trail here behind our house-here's what we saw.

The walk ended of course at the new playset at the end of our street. Its pretty muddy around it still, but it was such a nice day, the kids had a great time on the playset. While they were doing that, I was enjoying the view:

As many of you know, I've had huge issues with Princess remembering her addition facts. One day she knows them, the next she doesn't. Its enough to drive me mad. So, I decided to try this curriculum that I saw advertised in a homeschooling magazine. Its from City Creek Press and its alot of fun. Basically, each number is given an identity. A three is a bee, four door, five drives, sick six, 7th street park, eight gate, etc. With each fact comes a story and the fact card also shows the shapes on them with the fact and the kids memorize the story and then know the fact. I was very skeptical, I mean how could she memorize the story to remember the answer, if she can't just memorize the fact? Well, she can and did! The stories make it lots more fun than the fact flashcards or timed tests. No more sitting looking at the fact card for two minutes, trying to get the answer; now she knows it in a flash. And the best part, is that the subtraction fact comes just as easily. They also have a multiplication series, which includes a video. I'm definitely up for that. Anything to make learning these facts more fun, is okay in my book.

Okay, I think I'm pretty caught up now. Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Thanks for posting about the facts help. I have two here that need help in that department. I may give these a try!

  2. Neat museum below!
    It is such a great time of year for nature walks. And y'all live in an absolutely gorgeous area.....what a blessing!
    I'm sure y'all will be walking down to that playground a lot more in the year to come :) Wonderful that it is so close. Wish we had something like that nearby.

    Oh, we uesd Times Tales. My oldest did great with it, but the 2nd son hated it. Each child is so different.

  3. Gorgeous photos!

    When I was little, I had problems with math facts. I used to make up little number association stories on my own to help me. I wish I had been the one to market that idea for a clever!



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